Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Travel Promo Alert from Nov. 21 to 27 ONLY

For a limited time, get back as much as half of what you paid for.

Typical reward programs would give you at least one to five percent rebate only, but with TravelBook.ph’s special promo for the holiday season, we will be offering an astounding 50% rebate

Yes, that means you get back half of what you spend! This is TravelBook.ph’s biggest and most ambitious giveaway to date, and you only have from November 21 to 27, 2016 to avail of it.

Just imagine how much you’re getting with this promo: If you book a hotel worth PHP 2,000.00 you automatically get PHP 1,000.00 back in reward points. With this, you can already book a room worth PHP 1,000.00 for free or use it to further lower the prices of your future bookings. Take advantage of this weeklong promo, especially for the holiday season when staycations and out of town trips are trendy!

This is just the start of our six-week long holiday promo to say thank you to our loyal customers. Check back on www.travelbook.ph and www.facebook.com/TravelBook.ph every week to learn about the latest special deal that we will be giving away!

Book your hotels now at www.travelbook.ph and earn big reward points!

Monday, October 24, 2016

"Sleep Revolution" by Uratex is the "Future of Sleep"

We live in a time where we can function 24/7 if we have to. But with this increased productivity, some essential activities are sacrificed, foremost of which is sleep. We take the simple pleasure of a good, superior sleep for granted.

We need to have adequate sleep, that much can’t be emphasized enough. Sleep loss can have drastic effects on a healthy lifestyle; it will have an impact on your heart, weight, mind and well-being. Insufficient sleep will lead to serious, long-term health problems, such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and rational thinking.

But through the untiring efforts of Uratex, a large number of Filipino families and individuals now sleep better. Because of these innovations, we have become healthier, more productive and energized during the day.

Nothing understands this fundamental need for better sleep than Uratex. As the undisputed “Sleep Specialist,” Uratex continues to innovate and revolutionize the way it gives a superior sleeping experience to Filipinos through its latest collection, the Sleep Revolution.

“With Uratex, you get the best sleep. Everyone at our company takes great pride in making sure that each mattress we manufacture delivers superior comfort and support to improve your quality of sleep. Today, we will offer innovative products that will deliver on this promise,” says Cherry Wong-Tan, Marketing Director of Uratex.

The Sleep Revolution

The Sleep Revolution is the future of sleep. The new collection focuses on Premium Touch Romance, Senso Memory Ultima Plus, Orthocare Biorytmic and Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh. It not only gives better sleep but also responds to specific needs of different sleep problems Filipinos usually encounter.

Keeping the flames of love alive doesn’t have to stop after a long, hard day. The Premium Touch Romance is all about inspiring passion and desire for you and your significant other. The secret lies on its mattress ticking infused with the essences of ginseng, ylang-ylang and cinnamon, giving it a sweet and spiced romantic ambiance. Its unique perfume micro-capsules have a long-lasting effect to inspire a more intimate bond for couples. Crafted with Smart Reflex® Pocket Spring System that intelligently isolates body movement for an undisturbed sleep. Additionally, its combines the best of both worlds: Natural latex and Senso Memory foam for a superior sleep experience.

The Orthocare Biorytmic mattress uses advanced sleep technology using rejuvenating minerals responsible for restoring energy and regulating the body’s biorhythm. As you sleep, it helps reduce stress and provides better balance and concentration. For outstanding pressure relief and back support, it is coupled with Orthofirm® foam for a firm comfort feel all night long.

For a refreshingly cool sleep, look no further! The Senso Memory Ultima Plus is specially designed with a cooling technology that helps you fall asleep faster. What sets it apart from others is that its memory foam is blended with Hydragel® beads that absorb heat. Wrapped with Cooler® knit fabric, it provides an enhanced cooling effect and has been proven to lower body temperature by up to 2°C. Furthermore, its plush comfort layers delicately adjust to your body’s movements while you sleep, relieving you from painful pressure points.

Always worried about odors in your bed? The Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh is the solution to your problem. This innovative mattress has odor-repelling qualities that offer a fresh, clean sleeping environment. For long-lasting odor-free protection, its cover is formulated with complex compounds that effectively eliminate all unwanted odors from the body so your mattress smells fresh while you sleep. It features a convoluted high-resilient foam with an egg crate design that allows air to flow freely. Balancing the body’s biorhythm is essential as it improves your intra-body communication and promotes your overall well-being.

Uratex Innovative Pillows

Uratex Premium also offers innovative pillows equipped with the same sleep technologies to complement these mattresses.The cores of Perfect Serenity Aura FreshOrthocare Biorytmic and Premium Touch Romance pillows are made of supersoft molded foam built for plush comfort while the Senso Memory Ultima Plus pillow’s core is made of Senso Memory foam withHydragel® beads. Both mattresses and pillows are treated with Sanitized® that effectively protect against growth of bacteria, odor, mildew and dust mites.

Our Sleeping Solutions Partner

The latest Uratex Premium Mattress Collections are available at Our Home. Our Home is the country’s top lifestyle furniture store chain; with 24 stores in major SM malls nationwide. The company’s philosophy has remained consistent — to provide customers with trendy, chic and affordable luxury furniture as well as superb service. Our Home offers a wide array of contemporary furniture, decor and home accessories that are of high quality at affordable prices.

Our Mission and Vision

“Since we were founded in 1968, our Mission remains the same: To be the customer’s choice, with products and services that can be relied upon and depended on. Our Vision is also unwavering: We intend to satisfy customers through quality products that are competitively priced, delivered on time, and developed through close coordination with our customers. As our founder, Robert G. Cheng, declared, ‘We will not stop until we give every Filipino a comfortable and affordable mattress to lie on,” said Mrs. Naty Cheng, CEO and President, RGC Group of Companies.

(From left) Vice President of RGC Group of Companies Eddie Gallor, Uratex Sales Director Dindo Medina, Roy C. Tan AVP for Operations of Our Home, Joanna D. Chung Our Home Business Unit Head at the Uratex Sleep Revolution event at SM North Edsa.

About Uratex Philippines

For more than 48 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit www.uratex.com.ph or call the Consumer Hotline, 888-6500.

Friday, October 14, 2016

easy-peasy Booking with TravelBook.PH

Do you know that there is an online portal for travelers to search for their perfect destination less the hassles in booking? Do you know that there is TravelBook that will help and guide you in every step of your journey, from searching-booking-enjoying your stay? Let me try to elaborate all about TravelBook.PH and why they should be your travel and staycation companion to fun and relaxation.

Oops! One more thing, TravelBook is a no-credit-card user-friendly OTA. Yep! Go ahead...read more.... (",)

About TravelBook.ph

In 2012, TravelBook.ph, under the management of Summit Media, started as an online catalog catering to more than 4,000 hotels and resorts in the Philippines. The company was established by Recruit Holdings Company, one of the biggest media conglomerates in Japan, and specializes in classified advertisements, publications, and human resources.

To date, TravelBook.ph is the fastest growing Online Travel Agency (OTA) in the Philippines and boasts more than 2,700 hotel listings all over the country. Over the past three years, the company has achieved a record-breaking 200% growth rate and an average of 3,900 paid bookings per month.

With various offline and online marketing efforts, TravelBook.ph has gained exposure through media partners such as TV stations GMA NewsTV through programs like PopTalk and Biyahe ni Drew, CinemaOne, and radio stations Love Radio, Monster Radio, and Barangay LS.

TravelBook.ph also boasts increasing 1.6 million monthly page views, with 455,000 monthly unique visits, 52,000 registered members, and 299,000 newsletter subscribers.

Its social media presence also continues to grow: it has more than 540,000 likes in Facebook, while its Twitter and Instagram accounts have about 2,900 and 10,300 followers respectively.

Why Book with TravelBook.ph?

TravelBook.ph aims to cater to the needs of the ever-growing market, which is why it continuously develops and expands its strengths through various customer-driven initiatives.

1. Convenient Booking

TravelBook.ph focuses on improving its offline bookings through 24/7 Customer Care that offers competitive room rates, promo plans, rewards points, membership promos, and GetGo promos.

TravelBook.ph also has a user-friendly mobile app that offers double rewards for bookings to make the service available for the growing number of smartphone users in the Philippines.  

2. Multiple Payment Options

Since only about 5% of the whole Philippine population are credit card holders, TravelBook.ph has made sure that it has various online and offline payment methods to make booking hotels for every customer convenient.

Aside from using their credit cards, customers can pay via online and offline bank deposits or over-the-counter payments. They can also pay at 7-Eleven branches, Robinsons Department Store and SM Department Store branches, Bitcoin, and the newly launched Pay At Hotel, which allows the customer to pay upon check-in.

3. Corporate Partnerships and Alliances

TravelBook.ph has also partnered with top brands and companies in the Philippines, including Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Bank, Sun Cellular, Toys R Us, JG Summit, Robinsons Land, Robinsons Department Store, and Universal Robina to strengthen its presence in the business through various campaigns.

The company also has special partnerships with GetGo, BDO, Union Bank, Eastwest Bank, and Security Bank.

5. Tours

TravelBook.ph will soon launch its 359 Tour Package Plans to cater to the travel needs of its customers.

6. Affiliate Program

The recently launched Affiliate Program now has over 600 partner bloggers. Through this program, both seasoned and new bloggers are able earn income from the hotel bookings made in their websites. 

7. Promotion of Philippine Tourism

More than just being an e-commerce company, TravelBook.ph aims to Philippine tourism by encouraging everyone to travel more in the country. The company believes that traveling should become a lifestyle as it promotes education, quality time, and bonding with families and friends.
TravelBook.ph also comes up with various creative campaigns to promote local tourism such as the recently concluded #Juanderlust, an international competition where travelers all over the world participated to be the lucky “Chosen Juan” who will embark on an 80-day adventure to 80 places in the Philippines. The winner, Mr. Dave Agbayani, traveled around the country to explore and experience the best things that the country has to offer.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Breville to wow guests at WOFEX 2016

Top Australian kitchen appliance maker Breville is set to wow expo attendees at the World Food Expo (WOFEX) 2016, which will be held simultaneously at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia and at the World Trade Center, both located in Pasay City, on August 3 to 6, 2016.

As Platinum sponsor of the country’s biggest & most effective food show in the Philippines today, Breville will showcase its magnificent kitchen products like the Kinetix Control™ Superstar Blenders, Smart Oven™, the Froojie Fountain Pro™ and the Scraper Mixer Pro™. Breville in partnership with some of the most notable names in the culinary world such as Chef Chele Gonzales, Chef Louise Mabulo, Master Latte Artist Dave Dource, Chef Edward Mateo, and Chef Philip Golding. As Breville Chef Ambassadors, they will demonstrate and highlight the functional capabilities of these trusted kitchen devices in two venues: the WOFEX Kitchen Theater and the Breville Booth at the SMX Convention Center.

On Day 1, August 3, 2016 from 12-1 pm at the WOFEX Kitchen Theater, Chef J. Luis “Chele” Gonzalez will delight the crowd with “Innovations on locally available ingredients” a presentation that stresses the importance of a close relationship between the chef and farmers/fishermen to gain a profound understanding of the food source. Local sustainable cuisines that use vegetables, grains fruits and seafood and other ingredients indigenous to the Philippines will also take centerstage with Breville products like Kinetix Control™ Blenders, Smart Oven™, the Froojie Fountain Pro™ and the Scraper Mixer Pro™.

Day 1 continues with a “Meet and Blend with the new Superstars” starting at 2 pm at the Breville Booth where guests will see the Breville Kinetix™ Blenders in action together with Chef Louise Mabulo, a Junior Master Chef finalist.
Day 2 at WOFEX 2016 begins with “Brew and Bake: Breville-lize Your Coffee and Baking Experience” together with Master Latte Artist Dave Dource and Chef Edward David Mateo. The so-called “Dynamic Duo” will create mind-blowing desserts and pastries to partner with rich and aroma-rich coffee that will leave every visitor breathless with delight. This happens on August 4, 2016 (Wednesday) from 2-3 pm at the Breville Booth.

On Day 3, August 5, 2016, at the WOFEX Kitchen Theater, Chef Philip John Golding presents “The Art of Fish to Fork Dining: Learn ocean-friendly cuisines from the expert” from 12 to 1 pm. Chef Golding will tackle more on the Sustainable Seafood Movement to focus on seafood and local fish. He will also showcase the prowess of Breville products such as Multi-Chef™ and Kinetix Control™ Superstar Blenders and provide the crowd with a seafood feast they have never seen before.

Finally, at the Breville Booth on Day 3, from 2:30-3:30 pm, Chef Louise Mabulo will treat everyone to a savory afternoon filled with traditional Pinoy dishes but given a slight twist using indigenous Filipino ingredients during “A Modern Twist to Your Classic Favorites: Breville-lize Filipino dishes w/ Junior Chef Louise Mabulo.”
For the entire 4-day period of WOFEX 2016, attendees will also get to enjoy the ever-famous “Breville Happy Hour,” where they will be served with healthy “mocktails,” guilty cocktails and amazing sounds. Other attraction includes the launch of the Breville Superstar Blenders and the newest Barista Express Cranberry line, and “Your Own Home Feast” with the Breville Multichef and other WOFEX 2016 specials like Breville on-the-spot discounts.

Find out more about WOFEX 2016 and Breville activities during this much-awaited event by visiting www.breville.com.phfacebook.com/brevillephilippines and www.wofex.com.

Check  Breville at WOFEX 2016 teaser

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Animal4D+ Outlines the Next Innovation in Augmented Reality Application

Octagon Studio launched Animal4D+ debut at the London Wearable Technology Show 2015. Animal4D+, an educational application available on App Store and Google Play, brings virtual animals into real life.

*Lohort Castle, Ireland - Octagon Studio has released Animal4D+ to create a new standard of Augmented Reality technology. As a user friendly application, Animal4D+ seamlessly blends the joy and educational purposes with the simplicity in learning alphabets and animals.

"By combining the excellent graphic designer artists and experienced engineers, we try to simplify the way we used to learn," says Michael Healy, CEO of Octagon Studio. "It's a new effective way of fun learning-by-doing that is easy to adapt by people of all ages."

Technology Meets Beauty 

Animal4D+ provides a circus of 26 animal kingdoms in a beautifully crafted Augmented Reality technology. Each animals are presented in sketch mode and placed in ascending alphabetical order. After scanning the cards with Animal4D+ App, they will instantly transform into 4D animals; pronounced with the right spelling of each animal names; producing the actual sound of each animal, presented on your device. All animals are richly designed in a polished detailed graphics. Categorized as educational application, it provides scientific information on the right section of the 2D or 3D animal on your device ̶ explaining its Kingdom, Phylum, Subphylum, Class, etc.

We have improved our product, by letting the users feed the animal with the Food Card ̶ grass, banana, and flower ̶ provided on our web. After printing the Food Card, place both the animal card and food card side by side and tap the banana symbol on the left section of your screen. Each animal will approach towards their food and enjoy their meal. Though we move the Food Card into any direction, the animal will still chase it.

Five samples of Animal 4D Alphabet Series

Education is No Longer Boring 

Augmented Reality enhance users into the next level of education. With AR, Animal4D+ has arrived to bring a brand new level of experiencing educational application to everyone, especially children, on your device by presenting animals in augmented reality way plus giving scientific facts to enrich their knowledge about animals.

Both children and adults can experience the four dimensional world. Moreover, they may enhance their learning abilities through fun and interactive media. You can touch, listen, turn the screen, explore and observe all the animals come from it. Somehow, users of all ages can witness how the animals come alive in your hand.
Animal 4D Icon Launcher

Animal4D+ Requirements 

Before experiencing the animals alive in your hand, Apple users requires devices (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch) with iOS 5.0 or later. For Android users, Animal4D+ requires Android Froyo and above. With the size of 111 Mb (for Apple users) and 58.1 Mb (for Android users), users are ready to download the Animal4D+. Six free samples of animals are provided in our website www.4d.octagon-studio.com.

Octagon Studio also has released Octagon AR+, an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices that brings a hidden world to life. Users can explore the world and find hidden messages behind daily things such as magazines, catalogue, posters, billboards, even namecards. It technologically enhances your daily life by turning normal printed material into videos, 3D animations, 360 panorama photography, music, and more!

About Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio is a multimedia company based in Ireland and Indonesia. We have produced numerous 3D animations for engineering and real estate projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and West Africa.

Due to high demand and new technological requirements, we recently produce visual solutions that are used for everything from navigating complex engineering environments, to feeding a virtual monkey!

We specialize in providing high-quality visualization for mobile and wearable devices. We provide a wide range of Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions.

Interested to purchase?
Chai C. Galapon
Philippines Authorized Reseller
M. +63-918-9436091

Majesty Office Building
B8-B9 Jl. Prof. Dr. Surya Sumantri
No. 91 Bandung 40164, Indonesia
P. (62) 22 2021656 / 657 M. (62) 878 2527 2909

*Originally taken from Octagon Studio website. Marketing materials 

Monday, June 13, 2016

SM Supermalls Celebrate Father's Day Extraordinarily

Our special day has passed and that signals that our favorite man in the house will be celebrating his special day too, on the 3rd Sunday of this month. Well, of course, SM Supermall has all the love to give to Father's Day celebrants what they want. The next revelation will be more exciting to them, find out why! (",) #DadIsKingAtSM


A weekend of fun awaits Dads everywhere as SM Supermalls celebrates Father’s Day, with great gifts, hearty dinners and exciting entertainment treats all set to make the occasion more special and memorable.

From June 17 to 19, Foodie Dads and their families can go on an exciting culinary tour with SM Supermall’s wide variety of restaurants and food stops offering family packages and special treats to ensure Pops is filled with good food on his special day.

Whether he’s a craft beer enthusiast or a casual lager fan, there’s something to suit Beer-Happy Daddy perfectly at World Brews, where premium beers and liquors around the world are available. Then raise a glass to Dad with discounted brewskies in selected SM Foodcourt and get other cool freebies when you treat your Dad in select restaurants at SM malls. McDonald’s will also be having a free #paChickenMcdoforDad for every happy meal purchase on June 19, 3-5pm in all their branches exclusive at SM malls.

For the Car Crazy Daddy, race to the Keys to the City Motor Show for an amazing display of the coolest rides. From hot rods and vintage vehicles to exotic automobiles and concept cars, it’ll be a fast and furious Father’s Day.

For the techie Dads, get a chance to win cool prizes by posting your funniest #DadJokes and #DadQuotes, and your best lookalike #MiniDad Pops on the PlayStation or Xbox. Nothing says “I love you” like a friendly battle of the generations.

For every kind of Dad, there's a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy and remember for a long time afterwards. Because this June, it’s all about Dad this Father’s Day at SM Supermalls!

For more details, visit www.smsupermalls.com and follow its social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Meet Asia's True Master of Eyebrows - Susan Ong, RPH

Ever since face and body enhancements started emerging in the beauty industry, many have been very curious to try it. Some have failed and some have been successful. I tried simple facial but not waxing or even fixing eyebrows. I have thought of that but still hesitant to try as I don't like having a weekly or monthly routine to maintain the look. Well, those were my thoughts before I was introduced to Prettylooks at the #GalacticMission7 party held on my birthday, May 29, 2016.

I was invited by a dear friend and it is indeed a great successful party. If the kids weren't enjoying then you can't say it to be a hit. Well, they did - BIG time! Congratulations!

Now is the time for you to know more about Prettylooks, and the time for me to decide when to visit them. They have a wide variety of services offered for a pretty affordable prices compared to others.  
Prettylooks is founded by Dr. Susan Co Ong and it is the country's pioneer and undisputed Number 1 when it comes to aesthetic tattoo. Today, her lovely daughters, Sue and Blair Ong help her propel Prettylooks to further heights!

Prettylooks is a trusted brand already that is why these beautiful celebrities were very much satisfied with the outcome.  They flaunt it!

Eyebrow Ambassadors are Meg Imperial, Daiana Menezes, Arci Munoz and Bangs Garcia.

Take a closer look at these gorgeous ladies, wanna look like them?
The answer is just around the corner.

Prettylooks has won various awards and recognition globally for aesthetic tattoo/ permanent make-up especially eye brow tattoo. 

You'll never go wrong with Prettylooks. Trust and believe!

About the Founder:

Susan Co Ong

Ms. Susan was recognized as Asia’s number one tattoo artist in a competition held in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992 where she bested accomplished and acclaimed permanent cosmetic makeup artists from different parts of the world. She graduated cum laude in 1982 with a degree in Pharmacy at the University of the Immaculate Conception. She taught higher chemistry and pharmacy for two years at her alma mater. In 1989, she founded the Prettylooks Golden School of Aesthetics. Eight years later, two Prettylooks clinics were inaugurated in California, USA with ten simultaneous branches in Manila, Davao, Butuan, General Santos, and Cebu under her management. Eventually, Ms. Susan decided to retain only two branches to provide a more personalized and efficient services to her clients and to remain focused on helping them gain self-confidence.

For more information, please visit http://prettylooks.com.ph/ you can also search for them on Facebook. 

All photos and Prettylooks info taken from their website.